October 19, 2021

Do You Qualify For SSI Disability?

SSI disability is intended to provide benefits for children and adults who have limited income and resources. Individuals who are applying for this type of benefits must meet the living arrangement rules. They are disabled or blind and are otherwise eligible. Payment rates for these benefits vary, according to the applicant’s income and other resources. These payments are monthly and might be supplemented by benefits that are paid by the State of residence.

Ssi Disability

Although SSI Disability benefits are paid from a different source from Social Security Disability benefits, the application process is the same. The application itself is relatively simple to complete, but the rest of the review and processing elements are seldom simple and straightforward. Each application is approved or denied on its own merits.

The disabled person should begin with the submission of the application form to the Social Security Administration local office. From there, the application form is sent to a State processing agency where the disability claims reviewer orders the medical records of the claimant. The reviewer receives the records and does an evaluation to determine if the requirements are met for disability benefits. The two main factors that the examiner will be reviewing are the work history of the claimant and the medical records.

The examiner decides if the claimant will be able to return to the work that was being performed previously. If the answer is no, some other type of work might be possible. If neither option is possible, the claimant will probably be approved to receive benefits under SSI.

If the claim is denied, the applicant has the option of proceeding through one or more appeal levels. These appeals usually require additional documentation and can get very complicated. Most successful applicants get an experienced and knowledgeable attorney involved at some point in the process. The attorney can help to present the information in the most complete form so that less likelihood of an appeal is necessary.

Supplemental Security Income Disability claims are not paid from Social Security Administration funds. The money for SSI benefits is part of the general tax revenues collected and distributed by the federal government. Social Security Disability benefits are from the payroll taxes withheld from worker’s wages and matched by employers. The Social Security Disability monies are linked to the retirement benefits, survivor’s benefits and Medicare.

The amount of benefits can be adjusted by cost of living increases, just as the Social Security Retirement benefits are. In recent months, the COLA has been eliminated due to the state of the economy. Since these benefits are rarely more than subsistence levels, they are usually intended only to prevent real economic hardship for those who are aged or unable to work due to disability factors.

In order to quality for SSI disability payments, it helps to understand the process. You can do Internet research. The attorney you select will be able to counsel you about your claim. You may also discuss the claim with your medical personnel. You will also be subject to an interview in the early stages of the claims process.

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