October 19, 2021

How To Get Social Security Disability

Social security disability benefits are a lifeline to those of us that cannot work due to a physical impairment. Understanding how to apply and be given these benefits is essential as the task can often be a long and complicated procedure. There is a strict and detailed process that needs to be followed to ensure you get the maximum dues. By taking a moment to explore the following advice and tips you should be able to reduce the time and effort involved considerably.

At the outset you will need to take part in an interview given by the administration office in your town or district. You will be required to take with you the correct SSA form which would be examined by the official who takes on your claim. Also have at hand your personal details such as your place and date of birth, current residential address, social security number, and banking information.

It would also be necessary to provide the officer with documents that indicate your earnings in the last twelve months as well as the name and address of your previous employer. If you have done active military service in your life the details should also be provided along with an up to date social security statement.

Sometimes it feels like you need to give information on every aspect of your life before you can successfully start to receive your disability payments. Alongside the above discussed documents you will also have to give details of your martial status that would include your spouses full name, date of birth, any children or dependants, and social security number.

It is also important to have on hand a copy of your medical records as well as details of your illness, exact disability, and whether or not the condition was caused by your past employment. If you are undertaking legal proceedings in the case of a workplace related injury, this information should also be made clear to the official assessing your eligibility.

You should note that to be successful in claiming disability benefits the condition that prohibits you from working must be expected to last for at least another twelve months. If the injury or sickness is only temporary you will not be successful.

To achieve a positive outcome it is essential that you keep all your records up to date and do not miss any important appointments with the social security office. It is better to have too many documents than not have the correct number. Before applying for any government benefits contact your current and past doctors and request any information that would help you bring about the outcome you desire. This can include laboratory reports, prescriptions, and the dates at which you have attended clinics or hospitals.

If you want to reduce the effort involved there is always the option of contacting the citizen’s advice bureau or hiring a social security disability attorney. By speaking to the experts you will increase the chances of having a positive outcome in the shortest amount of time.

For more information, visit http://www.ssa.gov/disability/

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