October 19, 2021

All About Social Security Disability Payments

If you’ve been considering whether or not you should apply for Social Security disability payments, you are not alone. Even though there is much emphasis on safety in the workplace and on the highways, accidents happen and people become disabled for limited periods or permanently. When this happens, making a claim to receive benefits from the Social Security Administration is one option to take care of day to day living expenses.

Social Security Disability Payments

While many people apply to receive benefits, having the claim approved is difficult. Before the first payment comes, the successful applicant may wait months or even years. Many more people give up after the first denial and never file the appeals. Sometimes two or three appeals are required before approval is granted. On the other hand, many applicants are granted approval on the first try.

These suggestions may help you to achieve your goal of a prompt and positive decision on your claim. Statistics show that applicants who are represented are more likely to be successful. Because experienced and knowledgeable attorneys have been through the claims process many times, they know what has the best chance of being approved.

Your attorney should be involved from the beginning to achieve the best results. You will need to listen to the advice and recommendations so that you submit the best level of documentation possible on the first try. One of the main reasons for denial of claims on the first try is that the documentation is not complete. The attorney is likely to be able to see if your medical records can be strengthened by adding a second medical opinion, or by adding the results of tests taken by the doctor.

Although it seems logical, it’s surprising how many claimants don’t present facts to support the claim. They rely on emotions and how they feel about the injuries rather than showing how the injuries or illness affect their ability to perform gainful employment duties. The attorney can help with that as well. Adding provable evidence, medical tests and measurements in support of the claim is what leads to approval of the claims.

It’s important that you should go into your claim process prepared to the utmost degree. The other professional that can be of help to you is the doctor or other medical professional. It is the physician who can help you determine if you are able to work. If you can’t do your current job, there may be other jobs that you could do. The doctor’s documented opinion, supported by other medical evidence is key to getting your claim accepted.

If your impairment is mental rather than physical, you will need documentation about your ability to work. You may need to get diagnostic results from psychologists or psychiatrists. The psychological testing in support of your claim is critical.

Once the claim is approved, there may be additional time involved before the payments start to come. A lump sum payment will be helpful for the period since the date of application. This can sometimes be a significant amount, depending upon the time involved between the date of application and the date the social security disability payments begin.

Find more information,visit http://www.dss.cahwnet.gov/cdssweb/PG118.htm

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