October 19, 2021

Social Security Disability List Of Impairments

The Social Security Disability List of Impairments is intended to discuss in detail the conditions under which Social Security Disability will be paid and the percentage of full disability that is determined. The list of includes both general categories and specific details. By referring to the list you may get an idea of whether or not the condition is covered, but even if it is not, you may not necessarily be denied benefits under the Social Security Act.

Social Security Disability List Of Impairments

The first question is whether or not the applicant is working. If the person is unable to work, the next question is whether income and resource guidelines are met. The level of impairment is the next assessment. The specific impairment then is matched or compared with the list of medical conditions. These might be mental issues or physical issues. A determination will be made regarding whether you can perform jobs that you have done in the past. If not, the assessment will look at whether there are other types of work that you can do.

The general categories of the impairments cover both physical and mental issues. You can even be approved if you have a combination of conditions that individually would not qualify to receive benefits, but the combined effect makes qualification possible. It’s important to remember that each application is viewed individually in the light of the provided documentation and medical records.

The process of determining eligibility is not difficult, in one aspect, but the problem is that most applicants are denied benefits on the first try. In fact, most applicants expect that the request will proceed to the next step which is the appeal. There are additional levels of appeal that can be followed.

Disability findings affect every part of the body and every major physical system. The findings can also be mental impairment. A third possibility is damage to multiple systems. Finally, you can receive benefits for illnesses. In some instances, injuries to the various cause the disability. In adults, the effects of disease will sometimes cause the inability to perform gainful employment.

The categories in the list are as follows: Musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, genitourinary, hematology, skin, endocrine, special senses and speech, neurological, mental, malignant diseases, and immune system issues. Finally, there are multiple system impairments.

In each of these instances, you should consult with medical personnel to discuss whether the medical findings are consistent with disability claims. Not only the expected duration of the condition causing the impairment, but the level must be discussed. Every shred of information about the condition is important in getting benefits granted. The other professional that you should involve in your application is an attorney who is an authority on this type of legal matter.

You can check the Social Security Disability List of impairments to see if you might fit in one of the categories, but ultimately the decision will be made by the administrators of the Social Security disability system. More than likely the appeal process will result in the ultimate decision in favor of benefits awarded to you.

Find more information,visit http://dcf.vermont.gov/dds/disability_benefits_social_security


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    This is not an exhaustive list, nor do they post all of the ‘ailments’ and conditions for which you can get social security disability on their site – so if you are disabled, you should go ahead and apply.

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